Create the Resistance

Create the Resistance

What & Why

Protests, rallies, demonstrations taking shape across the nation. Every day, activists new and old take to the streets. Strangers gathering to stand united against racism, against fascism, against homophobia, against xenophobia, against corruption, against sexism. Chanting “the people united will never be defeated” and “this is what America looks like”. In solidarity, we stand with them.

We will not remain silent. Will you? Create the Resistance

Whether a political movement inspires you to create, or an artists’ work inspires you to take action, art inspires. Art motivates. Art empowers. Imagine a world without art (no don’t, that’s too sad). We believe whole heartedly in the positive impact art can have on a movement (even if it just helps to give you a momentary escape), which is why we are launching Create the Resistance.

The Goal

The goal of this project is simple, to find and share the art of the resistance. We will create online galleries, featured artist interviews, compilations (Comps For a Cause), and blog posts on, which we will also share on social media.

Get Involved

Artists, we call on you – share with us your art, your poetry, your films, your songs (all mediums welcome). Simply fill out the form below, or send an email to


Featured Release


F*@! Cancer - LLS Benefit

Price: $10.00 | Released: 9/01/15

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Featured Artist

Bryan Roessel Artist Feature

Bryan Roessel - Hudson Valley Poet

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