August 2nd – Punk Rock at the Nanuet Arcade

Sunday, July 26th, 2015

We are super excited for the show next Sunday, and you should be too. Here’s why. Punk Rock at an arcade! Come out and support some touring bands, some semi-local bands, and some local bands!


The Vulnerable (MI)
A high-energy, socio-political, genderqueer/genderfluid punk rock band from Detroit, MI. We strive to do our small part in generating positive social change by participating and collaborating with fellow D.I.Y. music-lovers for shows like this one, where we can work together to create an inclusive community where more and more people feel welcome.

Carmel Liburdi (MI)
Whether political or personal, Carmel Liburdi’s performances are full of energy and soul! Her style is fun, whimsical, and has a unique edge that makes you think.

Lady Bizness (NYC)
Feminist mermaid mafia. Underwater thrash-punk-surf-core madness dredged from the muddy shores of Manhattan.

Teslas Revenge (Locally Grown)
Playing punk rock that makes you feel like it’s the 90s. If you cross your fingers they’ll even pretend they are NOFX for a minute.

So mark your calendar. Tell your friends. Share the event page. (Click here for the FB event page) Learn the words. Sing along. Dance like everyone is watching (wait…). Oh, and come say hi to us. We’ll have stickers, CDs, and if you challenge one of those games, and win, we’ll give you free things.


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