F*@! Cancer

Released 1 September 2015
Artwork by Ryley
All songs Copyright each band individually and respectfully.

September is National Blood Cancer Awareness Month, and this year, All We Got! is trying to help give hope and support to those affected by Lymphoma & Leukemia. You never expect to be 23 years old and receiving a phone call from your best friend saying, “Hey, so…I have cancer.” I’m sure you also never expect to be the 23 year old who is told they have cancer. The AWG! family knows both of these scenarios all too well. Brian (AWG team member) was diagnosed with AML, and thankfully 7 years later we still have him here!

All We Got! is helping LLS to push the limits of cancer research and helping those patients and caregivers live longer better lives.

The stories don’t stop there, while compiling the songs for this comp, bands shared stories about the survivors in their life, as well as those who have passed. The sentiment we all share is F*@! Cancer!

Why the LLS?

(A message from Brian) The LLS is the world’s largest voluntary health organization dedicated to blood cancers. Their mission is to cure leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin’s disease and myeloma, and to improve the quality of lives of patients and their families. In addition to funding doctors & researchers from Philadelphia to Oregon who are advancing the next generation of cancer treatments & therapies, LLS also provides top notch support services to patients, survivors, families, and caregivers.

When I was diagnosed with leukemia at the age of 23, these services of education booklets & copay assistance grants were a tremendous help during my introduction to the world of cancer. The LLS sponsored Young Adults with cancer support group continues to provide the opportunity to connect with friends with similar cancers, and most importantly similar age. Over the past 7 years, LLS and the connections I’ve made have helped me return to my “new normal” life, and recover physically, mentally, & emotionally.

During my treatment & recovery, music was a common outlet for me to release stress, relax, or completely space out while the chemotherapy was pumped into my body. Friends made playlists & mix CDs. Bands sent notes of encouragement & the occasional spot on the guest list. 100 Days after my Bone Marrow Transplant I was finally allowed to be in crowded public spaces again, so I took my Dad to see The Toasters on Halloween night in Washington, DC! Yeah live independent music!

Check out www.lls.org for more info on their support services, ongoing research projects, and how you can get involved.


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